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TJ Cable & Underground Services is the best and most well-respected telecommunications utility construction company in the Midwest. We specialize in aerial and underground communication work, water lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, parking lot lights, utility locating & GPS mapping, civil construction, interior low-voltage wiring, and more.

Aerial Utilities

TJ Cable, a leader in aerial communication, offers expert installation and maintenance of fiber optic systems. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration and top performance for municipalities, businesses, and telecom providers. Committed to excellence, TJ Cable keeps clients connected and satisfied.

Underground Utilities

TJ Cable provides comprehensive services, including trenching, duct bank installations, and site development. We work on storm and sanitary sewers, drainage systems, water lines, underground cables, ducts, conduits, gas lines, tunneling, boring, trenchless construction, treatment systems, and more. 

Other Services

We also install and repair electrical lines and parking lot lighting. We conduct over 10,000 utility locates annually with precise GPS mapping. Our civil construction services range from foundational work to complex projects. We also provide interior low-voltage wiring and coax and fiber optic cable splicing, ensuring reliable connectivity.

“I have worked with TJ Cable for 10+ years. They are a professional outfit that will partner with my team, working to deliver on time, on schedule, and keep the customer promise.

They are also very responsive when it comes to out of the normal requests. Their teams will collaborate and make sure the customers needs are met, no matter the time, weather, or issue at hand. I have enjoyed working with their team, and look forward to many more projects.”

Pete Wilson
Director, Outside Plant Construction
Cox Communications

“At Willmar Electric, we like to keep our electricians installing electrical equipment as much as possible. This has made TJ Cable a valuable partner for us over the last 15 years by having someone to do the trenching, boring, excavating, pole bases, concrete work, and large duct bank projects. Their crews are great to work with and will be where you need them when you need them there.”

Paul Latimer
Project Manager
Willmar Electric

A satisfying career in the high-tech utility construction industry may be only a click away!

At TJ Cable, we believe in creating a work environment that empowers every employee. By investing in and supporting our people, they are satisfied and loyal …and that leads to increased efficiency as a whole.