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“I have worked with TJ Cable for 10+ years. They are a professional outfit that will partner with my team, working to deliver on time, on schedule, and keep the customer promise.

They are also very responsive when it comes to out of the normal requests. Their teams will collaborate and make sure the customers needs are met, no matter the time, weather, or issue at hand. I have enjoyed working with their team, and look forward to many more projects.”

Pete Wilson

Director, Outside Plant Construction, Cox

“We at ALLO wanted to send a kudos and thank you for the help you assisted with the LPS project. TJ Cable completed external construction at 67 schools with the average time of start to finish construction being less than 3 days. TJ cable also assisted in a number of new bore shots and conduit builds to enhance ALLO’s network diversity and connection points. TJ Cable continues to be an integral partner of ALLO by being a LOCAL and EXCEPTIONAL company to work side by side with in completing LPS project, and we look to our joined future endeavors! Some of the work needed FOP permitting and working with City Inspectors, which can be somewhat of a challenge, and the TJ Cable Team executed and got the work done.

Impactful stats:

  • 77 total locations had external and internal construction work completed. This included the need for boring, conduit, fiber pulls, etc. which is no small feat.
  • 44 external bores were needed to pull 94,446ft of fiber to complete diversity within ALLO network to ensure full diversity for LPS.
  • 672 fibers were tested over 154 routes once everything was said and done.”
Ed Jarrett

Senior Manager of Plant Operations, Allo Fiber